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The Art of Oral Sex

Without a doubt your mouth is one of the most sensual organs. A mouth is endowed with natural lubricant, sensitive nerve endings, the heat of your breath, and a tongue that can target erogenous zones with effortless ease. It’s no wonder that oral sex is often a fan favorite! However, for many, there is an intimidation factor, along with stigma for exploring such a vulnerable act.

In this upcoming masterclass, we will be busting the myths, and breaking down basic and advanced level skills required to take your partner over the edge with oral sex. You’ll learn what is most important to keep in mind when going down south with your mouth, and you’ll be introduced to next level skills that are sure to please both the giver and receiver.

We’ll also be diving into how you can easily augment the experience with sexual wellness products, which can increase blood flow, target areas not addressed by your mouth, and that also support a blended orgasmic effect.

Please join us this Friday February 26th @ 1pm EST for a mouth watering and sumptuous class sure to take your oral skills on vulvas to the next level and beyond.

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Certified Clinical Sexologist