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The Art of Oral - Part Two

Without a doubt your mouth is one of the most dexterous and sensual organs - filled with natural lubricant, and endowed with sensitive nerve endings, the heat of your breath, and a tongue that can target erogenous zones with effortless ease. It’s no wonder that oral sex is often a fan favorite for both sexes. But for many there is an intimidation factor, along with stigma for exploring such a vulnerable act.

In this upcoming webinar, Part Two of our Art of Oral Sex series on April 30th @ 1pm EST we’ll be exploring the power of pleasuring the penis and the surrounding area – better known as fellatio. We’ll explore how sensual communication, both through language and the non-verbal erogenous pathways of fellatio, can take your lover to new dimensions of penile pleasure. We’ll also be addressing some of the common hang-ups, insecurities, and inhibitions that often arise with fellatio, both for the giver and the receiver.

Our goal for this class will be to give you a fresh new perspective, along with satiating tools, to enjoy fellatio as an amazing act of intimacy and as a tried-and-true method for taking your partner over the edge into mind-blowing pleasure.

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