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Pioneering Penis Pleasure

Are you looking to test the waters of penis pleasure in entirely new ways? Whether it’s stroking, licking, squeezing, admiring, teasing, or tasting there are so many ways to pioneer the frontiers of your own penis pleasure.

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll be covering the basics, including the key erogenous zones, communication skills, and safe sex tips for the most stimulating play.

We’ll also be expanding your repertoire to include taking the reins on prostate pleasure through indirect soft play, spanking, and perineum pressing which can be incorporated in coitus or during oral pleasure to take your lover into unbound ecstasy. This presentation will also draw on a few intimate stories to share first-hand do’s and don'ts, to give you the most intimate insights into pleasure.

Join us as we get as you explore the glories of pleasuring the penis with new levels of lust and pioneering gusto. Expect to learn about:

  • Anatomy and the key erogenous zones you need to know
  • Using soft play as the perfect tease and confidence booster The joys of edging, taking it slow, and the divinely “dry orgasm”
  • Getting creative with cock play in the midst of coitus
  • Exploring the topsy-turvy journey of seminal fluid and the riches of the “S-cocktail”

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