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Erotic Edging

Have you ever wanted to make your pleasure last just a little longer? We’re all pleasure junkies but statistics reveal that the average time for intercourse is only about 5.4 minutes. That’s about the same time it takes to reheat yesterday’s pasta. Is fast sex leaving you limp and wanting more? Yes, sex takes a lot of energy but our bodies’ are designed with reserves in mind. When you learn how to edge your orgasm you can maximize your bodies’ precious pleasure resources in ways that are thrilling for both you and your partner.

In our upcoming webinar “Erotic Edging” we’ll be exploring the art of extending and delaying orgasmic release while also ensuring that you and your partner grow even closer in the time you are intimate together. Learn simple techniques to supplement your sexual journeys that will not only shift the way you look at sex but also improve intimacy with your partner, heighten solo play, and jumpstart your orgasms to be deeply intense and far more meaningful.

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