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A Lesson in Lube: A Conversation About Lube And Why You Should Be Using It

Sliquid's webinar will focus squarely on the who, what, when, and why of using lubricant. We will start with a brief overview of our company and presenter profiles. Diving into the main topic, we will begin identifying the what, which will focus on what types of lubricant are available on the market.

Michelle will discuss the main differences between water-based, aloe-based, silicone, and oil-based lubricants. Moving onto the when, Michelle will discuss the various uses for lubricant. We will discuss lubricant as an accouterment to better sex, as well as discuss the use of lube as a supplement to the body’s natural lubrication in the form of a daily moisturizer.

For the why portion of the discussion, we will do a brief synopsis of the benefits to lubricant, while also pointing out the disadvantages to not using it. We will also address (a.k.a. debunk) a few “lube myths” that prohibit people from using lube.

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Sliquid VP of Sales and Merchandising