How We Review Sex Toys is an adult sex education website and our aim – pure and simple – is to dish out the information you need to have better sex, whether with yourself or a with a partner. When it comes to sex toy reviews, we’re looking for products that will help you do that. As such, we do not publish sponsored reviews or review products for pay. Period. 

How We Choose Which Products to Review

Products are chosen by our editorial team based on what we think our readers will like! This means that we often choose new products from popular brands, interesting products that fit into a category our readers are particularly interested in as well as long-standing favorites we want to provide readers with more information about. And we always (always!) choose toys that we know to be high quality and body-safe.

How We Review Our Toys

We provide a product for review and pay our writers a fair rate for reviewing products because we believe in paying people for their time and labor. Although our review process includes a comprehensive template, we don’t tell them what to write about a product. We are looking for a fair review based on their experience. Whether they like the toy or not, we also ask them to recommend alternatives. Each sex toy has its quirks, and even the very best ones aren’t the best for every body. If you’re reading a review because you’re looking to buy a new toy, our goal is to provide reviews that help you find the right product for you. That might be the product we’re reviewing, or it might be something else altogether.

Product Reviews and Kinkly Shop

The products we review are often available for purchase in the Kinkly Shop. So, yes, if you buy them, we do make money. If you enjoy our site, we hope you’ll shop with us. Either way, feel free to reach out with questions, comments and suggestions. Or contact our expert Shop Support for suggestions on which products might work best for you.