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The Man Trap Position

Updated: JULY 5, 2021

The Man Trap is a slight variation on the missionary position that allows the receiving partner to have more control over the thrusting. To get in to this position, begin in missionary where the receiving partner is on their back and the penetrating partner is on top facing their partner. The receiving partner then wraps her legs around the legs of their partner allowing her to control the movement.

Man Trap Position. The receiving partner lays down underneath the penetrating partner like in Missionary position. The receiving partner wraps their knees and legs around the penetrating partner's legs to control the movement.

More About The Man Trap Position

This position is great for those who enjoy missionary, but are looking for a variation. It allows the person on top to be in control while also allowing for intimacy that is not available in most person-on-top positions. The position is also easy to hold for long periods of time as it requires little effort.



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