Sexual Seduction

Updated: AUGUST 15, 2017

Sexual seduction is an attempt by someone to coerce someone to want to engage in sexual intercourse by igniting sexual desires. In the strictest definition, a sexual seducer attempts to coerce someone who is unwilling to have sex to change their mind. However, experts suggest this definition should be expanded to represent more experiences that may also fall under the umbrella of sexual seduction.

More About Sexual Seduction

Humans use a number of techniques to sexually seduce people. In many cases, taking someone out on a date is a key part of sexual seduction. Through communication and socially-acceptable touching, a date can breed the intimacy required to progress to a second, more private setting. People are less inhibited when they are in private, so most seducers will attempt to take the person they desire to a quiet location, like their home or even their car. Touch can also be seductive. Sensual kisses and caresses of erogenous zones are a key part of sexual seduction. Sexual seduction is typically a slow process designed to win over the object of desire. Move too fast, and they may be scared off.

While often the person being seduced is initially unwilling to have sex, this isn’t always the case. In fact, someone being seduced may already be attracted to their seducer. In these cases, the sexual seduction serves to increase sexual desire. In most cases, the seducer will seduce a person because they want to engage in sexual intercourse with the target. However, this isn’t always true. Sometimes a person will seduce someone for other reasons. For example, someone may seduce another for entertainment, to boost their own self esteem or the target’s confidence, or even to receive a discount in a department store. Partial sexual seduction, where someone becomes aroused but not willing to have sex with the seducer, is also possible.

Some critics argue that the manipulation used to sexually seduce someone is similar to the grooming that often occurs in sexual assault cases. However, it’s important to note that the person being seduced typically allows the seduction. This consent helps to separate sexual seduction from rape.


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