Holistic Feminism

Updated: DECEMBER 30, 2019

Holistic feminism is the theory and advocacy of equal rights for all women. Holistic feminism highlights the importance of including all women, including transgender, non-binary, and intersex women, and all aspects of what women can be in the discussion of women’s rights. This approach aims to create a more comprehensive picture of what it means to be woman and a deeper understanding of how women can be discriminated against, and how this discrimination can be overcome.

More About Holistic Feminism

Holistic feminism recognizes that there’s no one way to be a woman. Women can have the female sex assigned at birth or come to embrace being female as part of their gender identity. They may be mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, or totally independent. They may enjoy wearing dresses or pants, be domestic goddesses or avoid cooking and other domestic responsibilities, or any number of other things. Instead of seeing the female gender as any one single thing, holistic feminism takes a much broader view.

By recognizing the different types and aspects of women, holistic feminism aims to reduce marginalizing behavior and improve acceptance. The acceptance holistic feminism looks for can also help women feel more confident being all parts of themselves.

Holistic feminism also helps women understand other women better. It recognizes that women typically have a worldview that’s limited by their own experiences, but by listening to the opinions and stories of other women they can more thoroughly understand what it means to be female.


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