Gender Activism

Updated: JULY 20, 2020

Gender activism is political action or involvement driven by issues related to gender. Men’s rights activists are engaged in gender activism related to issues that affect males while feminists are engaged in gender activism related to female-focused issues. There are also gender activists outside the gender binary that want to end discrimination they feel from men and women.

Gender activism often takes the form of protests or discussions to raise awareness and improve education about gender-related issues.

More About Gender Activism

There are a number of common issues rarely campaigned for by gender activists. Many men’s rights activists are troubled by the inequality they see in child custody cases and fight for fathers to spend more time with their children. Feminists are often concerned with a lack of female representation in workplaces and a gap between wages for men and women. People that don't identify as men or women can also engage in gender activism against the gender binary.

While gender activism can affect change, some critics suggest that gender activists taking the wrong approaches can set back their causes. They argue that education is the most effective way to bring about change. They also suggest that rather than simply banding with members of their own gender and fighting other genders, gender activists should seek to improve relationships with people of other genders to help them understand why change is important or necessary. This is at odds with the common perception of gender activists as being exclusionary and confrontational towards people of other genders.

Ideally gender activism should aim to create equality between the genders. No one group should be given more power or privileges by weakening the position of any other gender.


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