Updated: SEPTEMBER 3, 2019

Femmeromantic is a term that describes those who are romantically attracted to feminine or female-identifying individuals. This inclusive term denotes a romantic attraction to anyone who presents with feminine qualities rather than masculine ones.

Femmeromantic is a portmanteau of the words "femme," used to denote feminine gender expression, and "romantic," as in romantic attraction.

More About Femmeromantic

Those who are femmeromantic may feel romantic feelings towards a range of women, including straight feminine females, feminine lesbians, feminine trans-females, and feminine-presenting non-binary individuals. Femmeromantic people are not attracted to men or other masculine people, such as butch lesbians.

The term femmeromantic is closely related to the term gyneromantic. While some people interpret gyneromantic as a romantic attraction to femininity, in whatever form it takes, others disagree with this definition and may feel that femmeromantic is a more appropriate descriptor for those who are romantically attracted to feminine people.


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