Erotocomatose Lucidity

Updated: MARCH 30, 2020

Erotocomatose lucidity is a trance-like state of physical and emotional exhaustion caused by periods of sexual pleasure interspersed with periods of sleep.The term was first coined by Ida Nelidoff, an initiate of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the religious organization Order of the Temple of the East (OTO). However, it was publicized later by a fellow member of the OTO, Aleister Crowley.

Erotocomatose lucidity is often shortened to the acronym ECL.

More About Erotocomatose Lucidity (ECL)

A person enters a state of erotocomatose lucidity after being brought to sexual exhaustion by one or more attendants. This state is said to feel somewhere between being asleep and being awake. Practitioners believe the spirit can be set free and a greater awareness achieved.

There is some disagreement in literature about what was involved in the periods of sexual pleasure that occur before erotocomatose lucidity. Some say the person must have successive orgasms to achieve erotocomatose lucidity. Others say the sexual stimulation should not bring the person to orgasm.

It’s thought that erotocomatose lucidity was adapted from ancient Chinese Taoist and Indo-Tibetan Tantric rituals. It was practiced in the OTO and other affiliated secret societies as part of the techniques commonly known as sexual magick.

While practitioners believe erotocomatose lucidity is not only possible but desirable, others are skeptical of this state and claims surrounding it. Skeptics question whether it’s possible to achieve a higher state through sexual exhaustion, whether the state could be any different from others achieved through exhaustion, and whether it is a reliable technique when compared to other mind-altering methods like meditation.


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