Erotically Altered Consciousness

Updated: DECEMBER 26, 2016

Erotically altered consciousness is a different state of being inspired by erotic fantasies or physical stimulation. The term is most commonly used within the BDSM community to describe the altered states of being experienced by both dominant and submissive individuals.

Erotically altered consciousness is often shortened to the acronym EAC.

More About Erotically Altered Consciousness (EAC)

There are a number of well-recognized states of erotically altered consciousness. Two of the most common are bottom-space, sometimes called sub-space, which is experienced by a bottom or submissive while falling into a state of submission, and its equivalent top-space, experienced by a top or dominant while asserting his or her dominance. There is also an erotically altered consciousness called flying, so-called because it feels like the individual is leaving their body and flying above it. The more general term endorphin high describes the erotically altered consciousness that comes when endorphins are shooting through the body.

When entering an erotically altered consciousness, an individual’s brain loses its connection with the body and ordinary sense perceptions. These states lie somewhere between traditional ideas of consciousness and unconsciousness.

Despite anecdotal evidence, many scientific researchers are sceptical about the validity of all altered states of consciousness, including erotically altered consciousness, and the feelings of transcendence associated with them.


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