Updated: SEPTEMBER 3, 2018

Agomphathymia is a lack of sexual interest in women with serious dental problems. People with agomphathymia are typically repulsed by women with significantly decayed teeth, missing teeth, or no teeth at all.

Jacob E. Schmidt provided one of the first known examples of the term when he defined it in his 1967 erotic dictionary, “Lecher’s Lexicon.”

More About Agomphathymia

Agomphathymia is a common condition, with approximately 62 percent of people noticing a potential partner’s smile before other aspects of their appearance, according to a study from cosmetic dentistry firm CosmaLite. Teeth was also rated the most important facial feature when assessing attractiveness for 87.5 percent of respondents, above complexion, eyes, and hair.

Dental problems are a significant stumbling block to forming romantic and sexual relations for many people. The CosmaLite research found missing, crooked, or yellow teeth are the number two turn-off for people, beaten only by bad breath, which can often go hand-in-hand with tooth decay. More than two-thirds of people who took the study said they’d refused to date someone with bad teeth.

As dental technology and diets improve, agomphathymia is less likely to be an issue. Most people in the Western world have teeth that are attractive enough to enhance, rather than detract, from their appearance.


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