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The London Bridge Position

Updated: JUNE 28, 2021

The London bridge is a difficult, rider-on-top sex position that requires a great deal of stamina and strength on the penetrating partner's part.

It's similar to the basic bridge sex position, but requires the penetrating partner to make a bridge with their body, rather than the receiver. To get into this position, the giver makes a bridge with their body by laying on their back, planting their feet on the floor and raising their pelvis and torso above the floor with their hands. The receiver can then straddle them.

London Bridge Sex Position


More About The London Bridge Position

To successfully pull this position off, the penetrating must have strong arms and legs as well as good flexibility. Receiving partners should move carefully and gently to ensure that they don't knock their partner off-balance and send the London bridge falling down. Sex wedges and other types of sex furniture may come in handy for extra support while in this position.

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