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Aquarius Sex Position

Updated: MARCH 15, 2022
Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on March 9, 2022

The Aquarius sex position involves the penetrative partner standing while the receptive partner is in a back bend with their hands on the floor and their legs wrapped around their partner's waist. The penetrative partner supports the receptive partner's hips and waist throughout to keep the receptive partner from tiring out or losing their balance.

The penetrating partner is standing. The receiving partner wraps their legs around the penetrating partner's legs then bends over backwards to place their hands on the ground.

We completely understand if this position is inaccessible to you due to disability, chronic pain, or the way your body moves and we recommend having conversations about disability and access needs prior to attempting this.


More About Aquarius Sex Position

The Aquarius sex position requires a bit of stamina and flexibility. There are two options for successfully getting into the Aquarius position and considering each partner's strengths beforehand can help find the best option for each specific couple:

For couples with a strong penetrative partner, both partners can both start off standing and then the penetrative partner can support the receptive partner as they wrap both legs around the penetrative partners hips. Then the penetrative partner can lean forward, dipping their partner back until they can place their hands on the floor for support.

For couples with a stronger/more flexible receptive partner, the penetrating partner starts off standing while the receptive partner comes into a bridge. The penetrating partner then supports the receptive partner's hips while they lift their feet up to wrap their legs around the hips.

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