The Munch Position

Last Updated: January 16, 2018

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Definition - What does The Munch Position mean?

The munch sex position is a unique oral sex position that puts an interesting twist on the common 69 variation. In this position, the partner on top lies face up, making it easier for the partner on the bottom to orally stimulate the perineum and anal area. Of course, the vagina and clitoris may be within reach as well! This position may also be referred to as the 68 sex position, but the term munch is only used when the partner on top is female.

the munch sex position

Kinkly explains The Munch Position

This position is simple, but it can be difficult if the partner on top is heavier. One way to reduce the pressure is to have the partner on the bottom open up their legs so that the partner on top can put more of their weight between them. Pillows or large cushions can also be placed here to make things more comfortable. The 68 position also leaves both partners' hands free for exploring, making it a very versatile and pleasurable option.

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