Last Updated: June 7, 2017

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Definition - What does Succubus mean?

A succubus is a mythological demon who has intercourse with men while they sleep.

The term succubus is from the Middle English during the late 14th century. It is derived from the Latin word succuba, meaning “paramore.” In turn, this word was derived from the term succubare, which means “to lie under.” It was influenced by the Latin word incubus, which is the male version.

A succubus can also be called a succuba.

Kinkly explains Succubus

Succubuses are said to be sent to Earth by the Devil. They are often depicted as half human and half animal. While they mostly look like beautiful women, they might have animalistic features like bird-like claws or the tail of a snake. Depending on the mythology, they might take the form of beautiful females or sirens to engage in intercourse with men. Some say succubuses appear to men in their dreams.

Having sex with a succubus is not always a pleasurable experience for male victims. Some describe penetrating a succubus like entering a cavern of ice. Succubus are said to force men to perform cunnilingus on their genitals which drip with urine and other bodily fluids.

Succubuses are said to collect the sperm from their male victims. They then give it to incubuses, who use it to impregnate human females. The resulting children, called cambions, are usually deformed or susceptible to supernatural influences. While it’s not clear why the sperm of human men would result in anything but healthy human babies, it’s theorized that perhaps the incubuses and succubuses alter the sperm to reflect their own genetic makeup.

Legend says that repeated sexual contact with a succubus will drain a man’s spirit, make him physically or mentally ill, and can even cause his death.Succubuses are usually depicted as evil, but that’s not always the case. Pope Sylvester II credited a succubus called Meridiana, who was he was involved with, with his rise through the ranks of the Catholic Church.

The historic term succubus has taken on a new meaning in modern times. People may now refer to a woman who seems to drain the life out of a man, leaving him a hollow shell of his former self when she breaks up with him, as a succubus. A modern-day succubus may also consume a man so completely, demanding his attentions and altering his opinions to suit her own, that his friends do not recognize him.

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