Last Updated: July 11, 2017

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Definition - What does Philter mean?

A philter is a magical love potion. The term isn’t very popular today. It was first used around 1563.

Philter is a French word which comes from the Ancient Greek work philos, meaning beloved or loving.

Philter can also be spelled philtre, especially in countries that follow British spelling conventions.

Kinkly explains Philter

According to legend, if you drink a philter you will fall in love with the person who gave you the potion. A philter will also make the drinker feel overwhelming sexual attraction towards the person they’re now infatuated with.

Philters are the stuff of make believe. However they are often used in the plots of films and television programs. In these pop culture worlds often the philter does not work as intended, with the drinker falling in love with the wrong person through a series of misadventures. If the philter does work as intended, the person giving the philter often discovers that the idea of someone being overcome with intense desire and love is usually better than the reality. While not often explored in the fictional use of philters, it also seems immoral to compel another person to fall in love through the use of magic.

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