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Peepshow Position

Updated: SEPTEMBER 13, 2022

The Peep Show sex position is an interesting twist on the classic fellatio positions.

Peepshow Oral Sex Position


To get into this position, the receiver should lie down on one side, propped up on one elbow, with the knee of the top leg lifted. The giver lies on one side perpendicular to the receiver, positioning their head between the receiver's thighs. The giver can hold onto the receiver's thighs or waist for support if needed.

The Peep Show sex position is also known as the Intense Headrest.

More About Peepshow Position

Stimulation of the anus and prostate are also quite easy while in the Peepshow position. The giving partner can alternate between fellatio and rimming, for instance. The anus can also be stimulated manually or with a small sex toy.

Those who enjoy having their P-spot stimulated can enjoy more intense orgasms if their partner is able to use a prostate stimulator while in this position.

Of course, this position can also be used to give oral sex to someone with a vulva too.

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