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Marcus Dowling

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Marcus K. Dowling is a journalist, broadcaster and entrepreneur. Recently, he's had a role in concept development, marketing, and promotion for Rewind and Decades, two wildly popular retro-themed entertainment venues in downtown Washington, DC. In the past ten years, Marcus has written for VICE, Pitchfork, Complex, Red Bull, Bandcamp, Mixmag, ESPN's Undefeated, and more. As well, he's the CEO of professional wrestling startup company Capitol Wrestling.


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While at AVN’s 2020 Adult Entertainment Expo, I questioned a plethora of sex-adoring sexperts in regards to how they achieve their best selves via having the best sex possible.

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Arts and crafts aren't just for children. We're talking about adult arts and crafts with Jen Stein!

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In regards to abled-disabled coupling and navigating the potential divide, the best general rule of thumb is: Do not question disabled people when they say they’re interested or capable of participating in anything.

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