As as a SFSI (San Fransisco Sex Information) trained sex educator, Elle coaches women on sex, positive body image, integrative sensuality and better sex after 35. She has spoken on panels at CatalystCon East and West and The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, and The 46th AASECT Conference (American Association of of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists).

Elle coaches, speaks and gives workshops on many topics including; 'Big, Beautiful Sex: Sexuality and Body Image,' Mutual Masturbation, Redefining Your Sensual Self and many others. Most recently, Elle is one of three women, filmmaker Sheona McDonald followed for a CBC documentary on women, sex and shame, which premieres on CBC's Documentary Channel, December 14, 2014. As an educator, Elle coaches men, women and couples on personal sensuality, dating, sex, positive body image and better sex after 35.
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