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Dr. Tiffany K.

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Based in California in the L.A. area, Dr. Tiffany "K." (she, her, they) is a Certified Holistic Sexuality Educator (CHSE), Board-Certified Sexologist, and Intimacy Consultant who specializes in kink education and D/s dynamics. She also holds an Ed.D. in Education and M.A. in English Literature.

Her research has been published in scholarly journals, with non-fiction and erotica works published since 2016. Her work has appeared in American Popular Culture, Men’s Health, NCSFReedom.org, The Science Publishing Group, and more.

Tiffany is an active coalition member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF), the Kink/BDSM Special Interest Group of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS), and volunteer researcher with The Alternative Sexual Health Research Alliance (TASHRA).

In addition, she hosts The Submissive Next Door Podcast which brings a down-to-Earth approach to D/s dynamics and kink through scholarly research, communication, consent, and safety practices, and the More Than Sex Podcast with a focus on sexology from historical, literary, and scientific perspectives.


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