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Sexuality is embedded in our lives whether we engage in sexual activities or choose abstention. Yet, societal norms have resulted in a reluctance in discussing this fundamental aspect of human experience.

Rejecting this silence, Kinkly embraces sexuality as a natural and healthy facet of human life. Engaging in open discussions about sex is essential for understanding it, ourselves, and our partners. Through dialogue, we pave the way for sexual experiences that are not only safer and more respectful but also significantly more fulfilling for all parties involved.

Kinkly is committed to fostering safe dialogue around sexuality. Our mission is to craft insightful content accessible to individuals across all genders, sexual orientations, and levels of experience. Our objective is to address your queries, expand your knowledge, and assist in exploring avenues of pleasure that are safe, healthy, consensual—and decidedly enjoyable.

At Kinkly, we offer candid, unapologetic discussions about sex, devoid of judgment. Founded in 2012, Kinkly recognised the public’s growing interest and curiosity in sex. Their initiative led to the creation of the web’s most extensive sex term dictionary, featuring over 3000+ entries, and a rich repository of articles covering everything from sex toys and positions to body image and sexual wellness. Kinkly collaborates with leading pleasure-focused educators, therapists, and writers to enrich our content.

Kinkly has not only continued to expand its web presence but also launched the Kinkly Shop in 2018. This platform carefully selects the finest body-safe sex toys and provides extensive information to ensure you make informed choices to enhance your sexual pleasure.


At Kinkly, we believe that everyone has the right to pleasure. Our aim is to help readers enjoy more satisfying sex lives and provide a safe space to learn about sexual health, regardless of their gender identity, sexuality or level of physical ability. We aim to ensure that all the content on our site is accurate, empowering and as inclusive as possible. All new and updated content is fact-checked and/or reviewed by an expert in the field.

While our site is advertiser supported, we are always clear about where advertisers were involved and have contributed to content. Advertiser-sponsored content is clearly labeled, and we highlight affiliate
relationships when they are present. We’re also careful about the advertisers we work with, and aim to work with partners who are sex positive, sell body-safe products and uphold Kinkly’s mission and values.

We also abide by a code of conduct where product reviews are concerned.

Our editorial team evaluates the content on the site as a whole on an ongoing basis, and aims to continually update older content as long as it continues to provide value. Older articles are regularly reviewed, updated and re-edited.

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