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Updated: APRIL 28, 2021
Reviewed by Marla Stewart
on January 25, 2021

A hucow is a submissive who participates in consensual cattle roleplay fetish. A portmanteau of the words human and cow, hucows act the part of a cow and engage in forced lactation, bondage, and forced breeding. A hucow is owned by a Farmer or Owner—the Dominant in the scene or relationship.

While both hucow and Farmer roles can be for anyone regardless of sexuality and gender, the majority of hucows are female and Farmers are predominantly male. Hucows can be male, but they are primarily known as breeding Bulls as they are specifically "milked" for their ejaculate.

The main focus of cow animal play is the objectification of breasts, lactation, and breeding. A hucow’s breasts, referred to as udders, are milked by their Farmer in a variety of ways. The milk can be hand expressed with massage, suckling, or they can be pumped via a breast pump or even traditional farming milking machines.


Lactation can be the result of pregnancy or it can be induced for the purpose of milking. The hucow is often bound during milking, with some farmers having special devices set to hold the hucow in place. In some instances, milking and lactating are simulated for fantasy purposes.

Scenes between hucows and farmers can be long. During that time the hucow is kept in a pen until it is time to be milked or bred. Hucows can further embody their role in many different ways by walking on all fours, wearing black and white print cow outfits, and ears and horns. Some incorporate “mooing” to vocalize like cows. Scenes between hucows and Farmers are sometimes a more extreme example of objectification, both of the hucow and specifically of her breasts and their ability to produce milk. The intention is to mimic the relationship between the cow and the farmer.

It is often seen as more cold and distant but is still based on consensual, BDSM agreement and negotiation.


More About Hucow

Despite being one of the lesser discussed kinks, becoming a hucow is a surprisingly popular fetish and role for submissives who are sexually aroused by being objectified. There are communities for hucows featuring videos focused on their activities.

Hucow fetish is also a very popular subgenre in erotica and among bloggers and is frequently depicted in anime. Hucows are also represented on niche dating websites, including Fetlife, and social media platforms like Reddit.

Generally, hucows enjoy being cared for and treated like a pet because it takes them away from their regular lives with adult responsibilities. The breast stimulation that comes with lactating can also be very sensual. "Farmers" with hucows enjoy the dominance and power that comes from their role in the forced lactation. When women lactate, their breasts increase in size, which is also a perk for many men. Some men also have breastfeeding fetishes and lactation fetishes that their hucows can satisfy.

One of the potentially confusing terms used when discussing hucows is “breeding.” While milking a hucow does literally mean extracting milk from lactating breasts, breeding does not mean continually inseminating hucows for the purpose of having children. Breeding, in a fetish sense, is sex with a fantasy feeling of impregnation purposes.


While it isn’t implausible that a hucow and Farmer could take their fetish to the extreme and impregnate the hucow as frequently as possible to live in a 24/7 relationship, that would be physically demanding.

Another scenario around forced breeding is that the Farmer may make his hucow available to bulls for breeding purposes. The extension of the fantasy is that bulls are milked for their “prized” breeding semen. Sex between the hucow and the bull can be performed to resemble bovine copulating. This addition also brings other kinks into the scene: voyeurism and exhibitionism—if the Farmer intends to watch the livestock have sex.

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