Sex is the great spice rack of life. So many many combinations! This week's Sex Stories We Love explores some different desires, from fantasy to fetish, and offers a little taste of our complex sexual world.

Mapping Fetish

Geography was always one of my favourite subjects, and I currently have a few globes in my home that I enjoy looking at. Yet no map has ever given me as much pleasure as this map of the most popular fetishes in each state in the United States. By analyzing Google search trends, these researches were able to identify the top sexual desires and fantasies people are looking to fulfill with keystrokes. Some of the usual suspects appear including feet, BDSM, and group sex. However, some other, lesser discussed fetishes, including armpits, erotic electrostimulation, and balloons also make the list as the most searched for fetish in some states. Now I'm wondering who I know in different states and whether or not that state's main fetish would interest them...

You Are What You Eat

I had a very short run as a phone sex operator. I don't even think I took ten calls. However, in that small window, I did have one repeat customer who shared his vorarephilic fantasies with me. At the time, I was not at all aware of this fetish for being shrunk and eaten, but I must have rolled enough with the details in the first call to warrant a follow up. Honestly, I was fascinated by this caller's revelation. He was very confident and assured in what he wanted to hear, and I did my learning about a very different sexual expression was the main thing on my mind at the moment, but I do also appreciate someone being that comfortable in talking about their sexuality. I doubt I'll ever forget those calls.

Turned on By Twins?

One of the more curious sex trends to get a rise in recent years was the increased interest in incest-related porn and erotica. Despite being a taboo that stretches across the vast majority of cultures, sex with relatives, or rather, the simulation thereof, became a huge niche in the past few years. This might cause a lot of furrowed brows at the thought, but it isn't without culture precedent. Think about how much twins, particularly twin women, are fetishized. The fascination with twins feeds into incest-related fantasies, but has been deemed acceptable and is often glamourized. As twin sisters reveal, it is not unusual for them to be propositioned for threesomes. There is definitely a lot of psychology to drill down into on this topic.

Doubling Up

Now, on the topic of doubling up, another extreme sexual pursuit that has risen the ranks of pornographic popularity is double penetration. While there are many different variations on double penetration, the version that has gotten the most traction is a person receiving a penis or dildo in both their vagina and anus simultaneously. In porn, these scenes often look awkward and uncomfortable, but that is probably just because the director is trying to get the most visible angle. In reality, this type of sex is rare in achievement, but a very popular fantasy, particularly with women. Even if you're not up for participating in double penetration with two actual partners, there are many ways to explore on your own or with one person.

Complexities of Public Sex

In some ways, public sex seems to be a pretty tame sexual preference, but that's only if you're scratching the surface. It has been romanticized by scenes in movies and television where young lovers steam up windows at make out points. In reality, different aspects of public sex are much, much more complex. Samantha Cole does a wonderful job sharing the intricacies of sex in public spaces, including what folks find so hot about it, potential legal issues, and the social and economic factors and impacts on the queer community, sex workers, and the underhoused. There is no doubt that public play is a very real desire for many, but if you choose the great outdoors, understand the great risks.

Lights On or Off?

Finally, it is interesting to note that in an age when we can discuss vorarephilia, double penetration, and fetish in general, the question of whether or not to have sex with the lights on is still a heated a debate!

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