It is too easy to hear and see and read stories that portray sex negatively. Let's look at the good instead! Sex can be such a great thing, but the horror stories always seem to get more play. We've been drowning in dissonance for too long. This week's Sex Stories We Love is bursting at the seams with sex tales to warm the cockles of our hearts.

With a Little Help from My Friends

This is my front runner for feel-good video of the year. It is so nice to see friends offering and making such a positive impact on a person. Trans teens face so many challenges, from parental rejection to denial of rights to unsupportive medical and governmental nastiness. Having the strength to carry on to ensure your identity is recognized is the epitome of strength and character. To have good friends, who have your back, who care for you and respect you, can make a huge difference. These friends, who gifted Andrew with the money to legally change his name, are the people I hope to see more of in this world. And hopefully they are an indication that change is coming. The kids really are alright.

Reconnect and Reignite

Wow, these folks may have found the key to sexual happiness in long-term relationships! Their story is not new. They got together, they were hot and heavy, they started having kids. Now, Lindsey and Michael did enjoy the benefit of continuing a satisfying sex life together, which is something some relationships lose altogether. Yet, the couple did know something was missing from their intimacy and connection. Fortunately, they still had a wonderful connection and, combined with other actions, including Michael's counselling and a renewed commitment to open sharing and communication, they learned to move forward and reconnect.

Honour for All

It is hard to say that a funeral is a good thing, but when sex worker Hamida Begum was given an honourable funeral in Bangladesh, it signaled a distinct cultural shift. Bangladesh is the only Islamic nation that has legalized sex work, but that does not mean its sex workers are afforded human rights. Women can be sold into work in brothels when still young, and when they pass, they are buried in unmarked graves. Their profession may be legal, but they are still treated as lesser. However, when sex workers and the police raised the concern that Hamida should receive a proper Islamic funeral, a local Iman performed a Janaza. In death, Hamida was recognized, which, hopefully, translates into her peers being recognized in life.

The Value of Mentorship

I don't know where I'd be without my mentors. In my day job, they were more direct influences from whom I learned the ins and outs of my trade. In my sex writing, folks like Rachel Kramer Bussel, Lux Alptraum, Gram Ponante, and Dr. Trina Read demonstrated many of the values, humour, and integrity that I feel is so important to writing on a subject that can be so polarizing. Now, every pursuit will have its challenges, but those entering the porn world will be faced with some unique experiences. Dee Siren, an industry veteran, is offering porn mentorship across different platforms to help you deal with issues you might experience. Her series is just starting out, but surely her experiences will resonate with others.

Be Good to Yourself

Perhaps the most important and inspirational form of goodness to be shared is seeing folks be good to themselves. Madison Winter was on track for the type of life that we're told to desire. She worked in finance, she was moving up the ladder. But she knew it wasn't for her, she knew she wanted different things in life. So she made a change. Madison chose to become a sex worker and she hasn't looked back. Her career in finance just wasn't doing it for her, so she made a decision that has made her happy. Sex work is a complex industry and those who work in it face the sting of stigma, hypocrisy, and misinformation on a daily basis. But it can be a valid choice. Cheers to Madison for making it work!

Changing Priorities of Sex

Finally, the term "sex recession" always seemed a tad harsh, especially when it seems young people are just looking for quality sex over quantity of sex.

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