just had sex. Wheee! What's next? this week's Sex Stories We Love looks at what comes after you come!

Round 2? 3? More?

Okay, sex happened. Hopefully, it was glorious! Hopefully, everyone involved enjoyed themselves and fulfilled their fantasies. Maybe that included orgasms for you and your partner(s). And maybe you want more! Different people have different sexual capacity...and that includes the option of multiple orgasms. For some, these waves of pleasure will roll through a sexual experience. For others, more thought, consideration, and personal training is involved. If you have a vulva, the term "multiple orgasm" can actually mean different things to different people and situations. And if you have a penis, the opportunity for multiple orgasm is all about the refractory period.

Pee UTIs Goodbye

Regardless of how long you decide to go at it, it's a good idea to clean out the pipes after sex, particularly if you have a vagina. Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common, uncomfortable, and unplanned consequence of sex that can possibly be avoided by one simple act: urinating after sex. This isn't to say that having a pee after sex will always be the antidote to sex-caused UTIs. It is believed that flushing the system with a golden stream can wash out bacteria that can cause a bladder infection. Our bodies are all built differently. Some folks have a much more challenging time with UTIs. While sex-related UTIs are less likely for people with penises, it can't hurt for you to partake in a post-romp pee, too.

Mop and Afterglow

I recently went to the last regular-season home game of the Toronto Raptors. It was fun! Bouncing balls, dunking in holes...good times! Yet one of the best perks was the fact that, upon arrival, all of the seats were draped with white towels. There fan appreciation towels were for us to wave around and cheer on the home team. Given my own interests, my first thought was, "Great! A new sex towel!" So when we left, I gathered up a couple that were left behind, brought them home, washed them, and they now reside on my bedside table ready for clean up. Someday I'll start waving one around during a particularly awesome sex session. Hopefully my partner laughs. Fan appreciation, indeed!

After Sex Communication

What do you like to happen after sex? Do you cuddle? Do you chat? Do you just want to sleep? Do you check your messages? Sex is an act that can happen at any time during the day. How we move on to what happens next is completely dependent upon your personality and the situation. the cuddle versus sleep conundrum has long been the source of jokes. It really has only one solution: communication. We've come to understand how important it is to talk about sex before and during. It is also key to discuss your after-sex expectations and possibilities. This can go a long way to avoid offense and hurt. If you know you're going to need sleep, say so. If you know you need aftercare and cuddling, say so. We can't always predict what we'll need. When we can, we should speak up...even if that means sex doesn't happen.

Give It Up

For some, a good night's sleep is extremely elusive. So many different parts of our lives conspire to leave us tired and frustrated. Living in a state of quality sleep deprivation is very challenging and can then have a negative cascading effect on the rest of our lives. If you do suffer from lack of sleep, what would you give up for a spectacular slumber? Would you give up sex?

Rise and...Shine?

Finally, you fucked, you slept...and now it's the morning after. What's next?

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