What are the major sexual hot spots on a female body?

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I know about the clitoris and the vagina ... but what else is there in terms of female sexual hot spots?


Everyone is different in what excites them, but there are five points on the female pleasure anatomy that are well worth exploring. When I say exploring I mean you might test their responsiveness to hot breath, warm water, pressure, friction, stretching, and vibrations. You know, that kind of thing.

  1. Of course, the first one we think of is the clitoris. It's very responsive to pleasure.
  2. The next is the perineum. Again - very responsive to pleasure.
  3. Next up? The butt. It's not for everybody, some people don't love it, but for a lot of people there's a lot of pleasure to be found, a lot of nerve endings; it's a very sensitive area of the body.
  4. Then we have the cervix - way back there at the end of the vagina.
  5. And then, of course, there's the G-spot, which is found within the first inch or two inside the vagina on the front side of the body.

Those are the hot spots: Clitoris, perineum, anus, cervix and G-spot.

That said, while these are common pleasure points, not everyone is going to respond the same; my comparative thing is always feet. Some people can sit down and have their feet rubbed for an hour, and they just love it, right? They're like, "Oh, rub my feet!" Then other people are like, "Do not touch my feet." They hate it because that's how their body is wired for whatever reason.

Now, the G-spot can be the same. Some people love it and some people are like, "I really don't want that kind of pressure inside my body", or "That doesn't feel good", or even, "That hurts." Those responses are all totally normal.

We all have similar anatomy at the basic level, but we're also all very unique and vary widely in what feels good to us. Now that you know the hot spots, try them out with your partner and see which ones work for them!

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Written by Ducky Doolittle
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