The word fetish refers to arousal derived from an intense fixation on a specific body part, object or situation. You've probably heard of foot fetishes but there are so many more! Sexual fetishes are actually quite common. After all, sexual preferences are as varied and unusual as people themselves. Whether you have a foot fetish, a spanking fetish, a leather fetish, or you're just curious, here we look at the kinks and fetishes that turn people on – and why.

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gelatin eggs

Expelling gelatin eggs from sexual orifices? The Ovipositor may not be everyone’s kinky cup of tea, but that goes for any sexual fetish.

candle wax

Interested in playing with hot wax and candles? Here's what you need to know.

woman peeing pants

While pee itself is an interesting kink on its own, what's most fascinating is how many different forms it takes. Learn all about them here.


Erotic lactation is a fetish that involves breast feeding or the use of breast milk. Learn a little more about it here.

Blood Sex - and Why We're So Fascinated (or Repelled) By Blood

What is it about blood that gives most people such a strong reaction? The writer looks at blood sex, why people are into it and how play out the fantasy.

Female body

Some sex workers find fetishization in sex work an experience that improves their self-image, and some find it to be one or that destroys it.