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Walker Thornton

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Walker Thornton writes about sex, sexuality, dating and relationships for the over 45 woman and man.

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Woman caressing neck

Sexy Excerpt: 'Inviting Desire' by Walker Thornton

Enjoying a better sex life is all about inviting desire. Doing that involves being honest with yourself - and your partner.

A Delicate Flower: The Vulva and Why We Should Appreciate It

May is National Masturbation Month. What a perfect time to give some serious thought to our vaginas, clitorises and labia, to ponder their beauty and uniqueness and explore how they give us pleasure.

New Drugs and Devices Can Spur Arousal, but They Miss the Boat on Intimacy

With all the focus on technology for women's pleasure, it's time to put the focus where it belongs: intimate touch.

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