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The MamaSutra is a site for Sexy Mamas of any age. Here's where you can learn more about getting the sex you want, and nurturing the relationship you need, all while raising kids (in a sex-infused world) to grow up to be sexually healthy adults. It doesn't matter if your kids are babies, toddlers, tweens, or teens, you get all the help you need. While you’re here, check out my stories of being a divorced and dating mother of two with some LOL, TMI, and OMG moments.

I’m the founder, Dr. Lanae St.John. Someone once told me that I “straddle the line between Madonna and Whore quite gracefully.” I take that as a compliment. Mamas can be sexual and prudish, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Cheers!

Adult Sexuality Education & Coaching. Want to know what you should have learned about SEX? Say YES to Know!

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