Tabitha Rayne

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I write sexy tales to turn you on and create erotic nude images to empower myself.

In my opinion, erotica is the absolute best way to explore the inner working's of a character's mind. You can get so close to what it means to be human by delving into their sexual world - that's why I absolutely love to write about sex and sensual experiences. Not all my erotic stories contain sexual contact, some are subtle, some are pure filth for filth's sake.

I invented the award winning Ruby Glow ride on vibrator (as seen in Kinkly here and on TV - manufactured by Rocks Off). Because writing erotica makes me horny - I needed a toy to grind against and write through the orgasmic scene. Nothing existed that matched my need so I designed it. Turns out, a lot of people are grinders and humpers, or simply can't use traditional sex toys, so Ruby Glow is for all of us :)

I believe in #OrgasmsForAll - I'm passionate about designing easy to use, accessible sex toys. 

If we all came at once, the oxytocin released would being instant world peace, don't you think?

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