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I’m a quirky critic of sex toys and a casual, grassroots sex educator. Most of my posts are reviews, but there are plenty of sex-positive guides and the occasional article about how to live a happier, more creative life.

When you’ve owned over $6000 worth of sex toys, it’s only natural to play favorites and have a hierarchy. If a toy melts me into a puddle of heart-eyes-emojis, you’ll know. And you’ll understand why— I’m clear about what makes a toy amazing or good or meh.

It’s like how people come in different shapes, sizes, and skin tones, but a good stylist knows what clothes would flatter you.

I’m faint of vagina in most departments, but I love length. I love cervical orgasms, stimulation against my cul-de-sac, and being bottomed out.

With clit vibes, even though orgasms are easy, few will have Goldilocks’ “just right” in vibration pitch and intensity to give me the kind of orgasms I want: quick, intense, back-to-back, with little to no refractory period.

This is my sex-positive philosophy:

1. Sex-positivity is about totally owning your experience.

2. Sex toys are good and useful tools.

3. Knowledge is power, but I’ll never know EVERTHING about sex.

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