Stella Harris

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Stella Harris is an erotica writer, BDSM educator, and sex & intimacy coach. She teaches for a variety of sex-positive organizations in Portland, Oregon in addition to leading and organizing her own public classes and offering private instruction. Publication highlights include several anthologies by Cleis Press and a series of tantalizing and informative articles on Through her writing and teaching she explores the complex world of love and lust and strives to help people explore their kinks safely and free of shame.
Recent Articles on Kinkly by Stella Harris

Power Play: The Differences Between Tops, Bottoms, and Switches

Even among the BDSM community, there's some confusion about tops, bottoms and switches. We clear things up.
future of sex

The Future of Sex: Why Sex Will Be Better Than Ever

Recent news has made it easy to get mired in pessimism. But there are lots of good reasons to believe that the future of sex is bright.
sexy text message

Why Edging and Orgasm Control Make for Great Long-Distance Play

Involved in a long distance relationship? Spice it up using edging and orgasm control!

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