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Here you’ll find original spanking stories for the theatre between your ears. Some are short stories, tasty treats that can be devoured in minutes; others are longform stories that might create a whole world within your imagination. My ambition is to weave stories that suck you in, to write bewitching, captivating tales that satisfy cherished fantasies and maybe even inspire new ones.

Reading a story is like witnessing a spanking through a keyhole. We eavesdrop as a miscreant is scolded, we catch glimpses of a forbidden scene, letting our imagination fill in what we can not see. We indulge in illicit imagineering.

Stories require the reader’s participation. In the gap between reading and understanding them, words magically condense into images, generating a new world coloured by the reader’s unique perspective. Stories inspire a one-off piece of theatre, conjured up and played out in the space between each reader’s ears. Even if a story is read by a billion other people, no-one else will ever imagine those same words in exactly the same way.

Stories have an ambiguity, a subtlety, a narrative that even the most explicit images of nakedness will never come close to capturing.

How fitting that in reading a story about submission you must first submit your imagination to the story.

Let’s celebrate the magic of the written word.

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  1. <p>I hope this doesn't sound rude, but I was wondering if you would consider putting links to your story lists in your blog description? On desktop it's easy enough to navigate your blog and find these treasures, but if one is on mobile, our options are much more limited. (Unless I'm just a doofus who can't figure this hellsite out. *LOL) Regardless though, I would like to thank you for writing and posting your stories. They are truly a joy and a thrill to read. 💜 🍑💥✋</p>
  2. Sexual Perspectives
  3. <p>Although I’m a cis woman, I really like being referred to by male pronouns in sexual situations, or even called a good boy. Sometimes, just putting on male clothing gets me really turned on. How normal would you say this is? I don’t quite know what to make of my kink. Love your blog, thank you for answering so many sex-related questions ❤️</p>
  4. Thunderstorm
  5. <p>Do you have any erotic master/slave stories or are there any in the works? I love the thought of being dominated so entirely like that.</p>
  6. <p>Do any of your stories feature hypnosis?</p>
  7. <p>Hey! Love your stuff. Do you have kik? Just curious to pick your brain. </p>
  8. <p>I was reading a naughty game and wondering how does one specifically keep ones bottom hole clean?</p>
  9. <p>I just wanted to thank you. I’ve been reading your stories for a while, but I finally tried out one of your games and it was... everything I’d hoped and more. I spent all day anticipating getting to play another! </p>
  10. <p>You keep mentioning these amazing, confident, smart women that you play with. Where do you find them?</p>