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Here you’ll find original spanking stories for the theatre between your ears. Some are short stories, tasty treats that can be devoured in minutes; others are longform stories that might create a whole world within your imagination. My ambition is to weave stories that suck you in, to write bewitching, captivating tales that satisfy cherished fantasies and maybe even inspire new ones.

Reading a story is like witnessing a spanking through a keyhole. We eavesdrop as a miscreant is scolded, we catch glimpses of a forbidden scene, letting our imagination fill in what we can not see. We indulge in illicit imagineering.

Stories require the reader’s participation. In the gap between reading and understanding them, words magically condense into images, generating a new world coloured by the reader’s unique perspective. Stories inspire a one-off piece of theatre, conjured up and played out in the space between each reader’s ears. Even if a story is read by a billion other people, no-one else will ever imagine those same words in exactly the same way.

Stories have an ambiguity, a subtlety, a narrative that even the most explicit images of nakedness will never come close to capturing.

How fitting that in reading a story about submission you must first submit your imagination to the story.

Let’s celebrate the magic of the written word.

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  2. <p>Hello, sir. I read naughty stories and rub myself whilst I'm supposed to be working from home. I know I need to be spanked and even get a corner time. Please will you tell me my punishment for all my naughtiness?</p>
  3. The Joy of Filthy Talk
  4. Can you do more stories about inspections and rectal thermometers? The very thought of being bent over and exposed like that excites me so much...
  5. <p>Hello I just read your article on self spanking . I have given it a lot of thought and I am going to try it . Being a 50 year old male I may feel a little weird about it , how can I combat that ?</p>
  6. <p>Hi,,, I’m kinda new here, but do you by chance know of any good punishments that I can do while cleaning my room?? Ive put it off for much too long and definitely need to be punished for it, but I also need to be productive..</p>
  7. Narratophilia
  8. <p>Would you feel comfortable describing your appearance? I have an idea in my head.</p>
  9. <p>Sir, is there still a roleplaying chat forum for your fans? I saw it mentioned several times here on your tumblr, but none of the links mentioning sent me anywhere outside your blog. I'd really love to be a part of it, if it still exists. Thank you!</p>
  10. <p>one of my fantasies is being unable to relieve myself, but then someone forcing me to tug down my panties and inspecting if i've made a mess in them, (creamy or otherwise). they will then tease me by running fingers over my bare slit and humiliate me by telling me how naughty i am. i will then plead to just be able to go, but of course, i will be forced to wait until i can take it no longer and burst everywhere because i'm a naughty girl who can't hold it.</p>