Top Sex Blogs - Sorted by Aggregate Ranking

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Looking for the top sex blogs on the web? We’ve got ‘em! Our Sex Blogger Directory includes hundreds of the best sex blogs around, compiled and ranked based on six key data points, including site traffic, social media followers, domain authority and our own internal ranking system. You can also filter this list based on your preferences, singling out bloggers who review sex toys, tell personal stories, write erotica and more!
# Site Ranking Score



301 3.76 - 7,762,210 - 0.60
302 3.76 - 7,761,673 - 0.50
303 3.25 - 7,614,265 - 0.10
304 2.96 - 7,733,119 - 0.10
305 2.89 - 7,735,899 - 0.10
306 2.81 - 7,706,547 - -
307 2.74 - 7,722,694 - -
308 2.12 - 7,762,284 2 -
309 2.02 - 7,762,450 - 0.10
310 1.51 - 7,762,623 - -
311 1.44 - 7,762,741 - -
312 1.23 - 7,794,505 - -
313 0.00 - - - -
314 0.00 - - - -
Last updated as of: June 7, 2021

About Kinkly's Top Sex Bloggers

Here at Kinkly, we’re big supporters of sex education and sex-positive content, and if there’s any group of people who make the internet (and the world!) a more sex-positive place, it’s sex bloggers. By sharing their experiences, knowledge, sex toy reviews and even erotica, sex bloggers shine a light on topics that are often, sadly, still seen as taboo. Plus, many of them do it with great writing, humor, heart and a passion for helping others.

Why a list of sex blogs? Well, because while there is plenty of content about sex on the internet, it’s kind of a mixed bag when it comes to quality. Here, we’ve tried to do the work for you by filtering blogs according to their popularity and social media following. We also screen each and every blog before it is added to our Directory to ensure that it includes quality content, and we remove blogs that haven’t been updated within the past year. What that means is that when you visit our list of sex bloggers, you can dive right in to some of the best sex blogs on the web, and even filter them based on your personal interests.

And you really should read them. Not only will you get personalized advice, sex toy reviews and recommendations, but you’ll also gain insight into other people’s sexual selves and sexual lives. Reading a really great sex blog is like having a no-holds-barred talk with that rare, trusted friend you can say anything to without fear of judgment. Unfortunately, for many people, such friends are hard to come by because sex is hard to talk about. It’s personal and it’s scary and it may even feel taboo. Plus, many of us just don’t have much practice. But, by peeking into other people’s sex lives, what you’re likely to learn is that there’s a lot less to be ashamed of than you may have imagined; you aren’t weird, you aren’t broken and if you aren’t having the kind of sex you want to have right now, there are plenty of resources out there to help you find the path to pleasure. Reading sex blogs will also plug you in to an amazing community of people who talk about sex critically, intelligently, openly and without judgment.

As for the sex bloggers out there, we hope you’ll add your sex blog to our list. It’s simple, it’s free and we compiled it because we love connecting with the blogging community online, reading their content and doing our part to help make the internet a sexier, more sex-positive place. Whether you review sex toys, write erotica, talk about rape culture or teach about STIs, we’re listening, and so are our readers. We hope to find you here, and out there on the web.


The Staff at Kinkly