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The Lifestyle is our life, and we love every aspect of it. We want to educate, share and reach out to couples and singles to let them know how awesome this really can be when you possess knowledge of what the Lifestyle is. We have shared our lessons and stories on our Lifestyle Swinger website in pursuance of inspiring others to embrace their sexuality. Our belief is being comfortable and knowledgeable about what you desire helps to make fantasies come true! Through this we have come to realize that a lot of younger couples are experimenting within the Lifestyle and eager to find out modern information about the community and what it is about. We feel like there are a lot of misconceptions about the Lifestyle and there is also only a handful of good Lifestyle websites out there; and most do not cater to the younger crowds. We found that the United States has formed a great foundation for the Lifestyle community, but Canada has yet to catch up. We are excited to become a part of the Canadian Lifestyle foundation and hope to help it grow. So we are doing what we can for now and hope to grow our image in order to promote the life we have fallen in love with!