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Sex in Words

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The wicked world of sex from award-winning sex journalist Jon Pressick
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Sex Stories We Love: Up the Tempo, Digital Desires, & Quite the Whopper

Sexy soundtracks of love, digital yumminess, and what's that at the bottom of your value meal?

Opening the Floodgates: Now We Can Talk About Watersports

Ever since the world was introduced to the possibility that Donald Trump, the newly minted President of the United States, just might be interested in a particularly taboo sexual practice, it has become a buzzword of epic sexual proportions.

Sex Stories We Love: Rape Culture Persists, Hard Day's Night, & Magical Masturbation

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we talk about an obvious example of rape culture, how many times in a day people get it on, and an option for magical masturbation!

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