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Sex in Words

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The wicked world of sex from award-winning sex journalist Jon Pressick
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Sex Stories We Love: What Could Have Been, Muslim Sex Guide Making Waves, & Less Sex Stats

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we wonder what the world would have been like if Pompeii's sexiness would have continued, a Muslim sex guide that's making waves, and we wonder why there is less sex than ever!

Sex Stories We Love: Breastfeeding During Sex, Engaging the Elusive, & Sex Retail Solidarity

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we look at the controversy surrounding breastfeeding during sex, getting the hook-up, unionizing sex retail workers, and more!

Sex Stories We Love: Sex & Antidepressants, Resistant STI, & Serious Sex Injuries

We're navigating antidepressants, STIs, serious sex injuries, and more!

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