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Sex in Words

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The wicked world of sex from award-winning sex journalist Jon Pressick
Recent Articles on Kinkly by Jon Pressick

Sex Stories We Love: Boo-ty Call, First Date Fun & Ho Ho OH OH

Sex with ghosts, first date fun and sex during the holidays awaits you in this week's Sex Stories We Love!

Sex Stories We Love: Pics and Pecs, All You Have to Do Is Dream & Good Therapist Relationships

This week, we look at whether the evolution of attraction can REALLY be determined by creepy public pic taking, what your sex dreams may mean, what sex is like for sex therapists, and more!

Sex Stories We Love: When Mother of Dragons Speaks, Gender Fluid Fabulous & Write Sexy, Right? Wrong!

This week's edition includes stories on how celebrities affect how society views sex, a smoking hot gender-fluid lingerie model, and the worst sex writing of 2017!

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