Sex Ed With Ashley Manta

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It is my mission to empower others and foster personal, relational, and sexual growth. Through one on one coaching, workshops, and hypnosis for stress management, confidence, and motivation I endeavor to help others take control of their lives and make progress in their personal journey. I want my website to be a safe space for people to discuss their ideas, share their stories, and learn from one another. I'm so happy you found my sex positive online community!
Recent Articles on Kinkly by Ashley Manta

Reacting to Rape: How to Support the Survivor in Your Life

Healing is not a linear path. The best way to support a survivor is to empower them to ask for what they need, when they’re ready.

Why BDSM Might Be the Sanest Sex Out There

Classifying BDSM behaviors as sexual disorders overlooks the useful effects of this type of sexual interaction - and assumes there's something wrong with it.

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