Red Hot Suz

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Red Hot Suz is a Canadian sex blog, established in 2016. I post 1-3 times per week talking about casual sex and dating culture, pleasure autonomy and self-love. While my sexuality and dating related content are my bread and butter, I also love to experiment with fashion and lifestyle pieces.

My blog was started as an outlet to practice my writing and as a way for me to express my social and political interest in sex. While exploration is still a core aspect of my blog, RHS has transformed to a go-to source for shame-free experienced-based sex education. My blog is basically like your slutty friend who teaches you through tales of their own trials, tribulations and successes.

Whether it be through product reviews, personal pieces or advice guides, my goal is to de-stigmatize pleasure, casual sex, fat bodies, kink and all the stuff your sex-ed class didn’t teach you. While some of my pieces are personal, I aim to make my readers feel accepted and empowered in their sex and dating lives.

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