Pretty Little Pleasures

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Hi, I'm Shannon. Let's get one thing straight. I am no sexpert and being only in my 20's, I still have a lifetime of ‘sexy-time’ ahead of me. However, I believe deeply in female sexuality and exploration. Many women feel it’s embarrassing and even taboo to discuss sex. I’ve created this blog to give healthy discussion, honest information and reviews surrounding sex. I for one grew up watching so many movies where love and romance was well - a fairytale. And as I got older, and started watching more ‘adult’ movies - at a young age this is what my expectation of sex was. The lovey dovey, candles everywhere love making - but like most people, I soon found out this was not always the case. I actually accidentally burnt my carpet trying to recreate those type of romantic scenes - but that’s a story for another day. Here I want to give honest reviews about sex, products and relationships and hopefully it may help you with buying that new toy you’ve had your eye on or trying something a little more risqué and may give you some much needed female sexual empowerment. If there is anything you would like me to post or talk about, please feel free to email me. Thank you for visiting my blog and above all, enjoy.

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