Passion by Kait

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Passion by Kait shares practical, evidence-based, and social justice-informed insight + tools for creating a more intimate, exciting, and fulfilling sex life—without feeling awkward, twisting yourself into a pretzel, or spending hours a day on intimacy-building activities.

Passion by Kait is a one-stop portal for all your questions about sex, intimacy, and pleasure, from tuning in to what you want, to discovering the best sex toys for you, to navigating whatever holds you back from your desires. Here you’ll find the intersectional, sex-positive support you’ve been looking for: without having to ask your BFF or worry about feeling embarrassed or judged.

Passion By Kait is grounded in the voice and perspective of founder Kait Scalisi, a certified sex educator with a background in neuroscience and public health, and experience living and loving as a person with chronic illness.

We are driven by our commitment to #freedominpleasure—the belief that pleasure is your birthright, that it’s drastically undervalued in our society, and that when we allow ourselves to experience and prioritize pleasure in one area of our lives, it opens up our ability to experience pleasure in other areas more freely as well.

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