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A site devoted to destroying the stigma around sexuality, specifically that around male sex toy use. Informative posts, reviews and advice abound at Mr. Will's House Of Thrills
Recent Articles on Kinkly by Mr Will

Cyber And Teledildonics: Where Sex Meets Tech

Sex and technology may seem like an odd pairing, but many people find real chemistry through cyber sex. Find out what new advances may mean for our future sexual selves.

Counterfeit Sex Toys: Don't Be Cheap - They Aren't the Same

Sex toy knockoffs are plentiful, cheap and available all over the place. We look at why they've become so common - and why you should care.

Phthalates: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

If you have a collection of sex toys, some of them probably contain phthalates. Find out why you should be concerned.

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