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Marvy Darling

Marvy Darling: Your Friendly Neighborhood Sex Blogger began as a sex and dating blog, but morphed into a hub for sex toy reviews and everyday sexuality education. Sarah prides herself on the number of "So, I have a weird question..." messages she gets, because accessible knowledge is what makes the world a sexier place.

Recent Articles on Kinkly by Sarah Jane McKenna
Woman looking at pubes with magnifying glass

5 Reasons to Keep Your Pubes

Thinking about ditching the au naturale look? Here are 5 reasons why it can pay to keep your pubes.

Review: nJoy Pure Wand

This toy is designed to do one thing and one thing only: Hit the G-spot or P-spot with orgasmic precision. But does it live it up the hype? Read the review to find out.

What's Emotional Non-Monogamy?

What is emotional non-monogamy and how can it affect your relationship?

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