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Lorax Of Sex

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Lorax Of Sex is a Sex Utensil Savant, Asshole Educator, and Aspiring Bat. Never censored, Lorax Of Sex has opinions (and ass-based goals) and they’re not afraid to share. Known best for in-depth sex education guides such as The Epic Silicone Post, The Epic Lube Guide, and The Epic Menstrual Cup Comparison Guide, as well as the incredibly necessary A Pox On Your Box: The Problem of LELO Hex.They began writing and reviewing back in the days of home-printed ‘zines after failing to find points of view which matched their own, and after one too many unfortunate sex-toy mishaps. Always a fan of the balls-to-the-wall way of life, Lorax Of Sex is proudly queer in every sense of the word, and Deaf.

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