Innocent Loverboy

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Innocent Loverboy (also ILB, if your keystrokes are precious) is a London-based male blogger in his mid-thirties.

Because he's a boy, knows what words mean and can actually be quite nice when provoked, he has come to believe that he is somehow qualified to write a sex blog.

This is his thirteenth year; despite the fact that it hasn't worked since 2007, he still manages to smash his keys into some semblance of order. In that period, he has managed to move his place of residence six times, change jobs continuously, and he has even found love, and yet he still can't write properly, according to Yoast SEO.

Blogging about things that (only) he thinks are sexy, things nobody (except him) thinks are funny, and his irregular attempts to have sex, some of which have even been successful, ILB continues to provide free content, wistful memories, completely random horny posts, and softcore reviews for the masses. In 2020, ILB migrated from Blogger to a new, self-hosted site - yet his original blog still squats where it did, glowering like a beast.

At some points, his blog has even veered dangerously close to being something you may actually wish to read.

In his spare time, he eats sandwiches. He prefers cake, but can't afford it.

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