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I'm a sex nerd, a queer poly kinkster, and a femme princess. I write about sex, kink, relationships, fashion, beauty, self-improvement, and pretty much anything that informs or is informed by sexuality!

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How a Four-Handed Erotic Massage Helped Me Get Over My Break-Up

Sexological bodywork – also known as somatic sex education or simply “SexBod” – involves therapeutic and erotic touch as treatment for a wide range of sexual woes. Here's how it helped the author overcome the grief of a tough breakup.

Why I Held Off on Buying My First BDSM Collar

Athough I’d wanted a collar for years, I held off on buying my first one. I wanted my collar to be a gift from a perfect dominant partner, one who understood its significance and would happily take on that responsibility as my “Owner” or “Sir” or “Daddy.

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