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EMandLO.com is a daily blog about sex, love and everything in between. Each week you’ll get intimate advice; horoscopes (only slightly tongue-in-check); manly insight from our Wise Guys; very personal confessions from our contributors; sexual health info; your sex dreams analyzed; and updates on naughtiness in the news, from celebrities doing it to the latest research on romance to new toys on the market. We strive to make our site informative yet fun, opinionated but not (too) judgmental, philosophically complex yet down-to-earth, sexy but never sleazy, progressive and ethical. We believe in women’s rights, gay rights, comprehensive sex education, personal responsibility, honest communication, manmade lube, good condoms, flat-front pants, and ’80s pop culture references.
Recent Articles on Kinkly by Em & Lo

An (Abridged) History of Kink

Despite what your grandmother might think, kink is not something that was invented around the same time as boomboxes and thongs, just to piss her off. In fact, it stretches way, way back in history.

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