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Greetings from Finland! I'm a curious one and my goal is to try out every toy that I can get my hands on! We all know way too well how tabu subject of sex is, it has been even more tabu for me. I'm Persian and so are my parents. So they always were always closely following me and making sure that everything sex related is a big no and shameful. It did not stop me, but put lots of shame on my shoulders to carry around with me. I've had my share of pain and sadness, but made it through with flying colors. Sexual abuse was one of hardest ones to live with. However I was fortunate enough to be able to get help and support that I need to be where I am today. Not everyone do. And that is why I'm here. To bring awareness and help to break the tabu and help anyone and everyone however I can. Starting with reviewing quality toys, cuz lets face it: there is some seriously rubbish toys out there. The quality is ridiculously low yet price close to 100USD/ each. Ain't no one have time nor money for that. Have a lovely day everyone and thank you for reading :)

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